Welcome to Mini Pigs Montana

We are a small operation in Stevensville, Montana, dedicated to the care of and breeding of miniature pigs. Mini Pigs Montana is an ethical breeder of Juliana and Juliana cross Mini Pigs. We pride ourselves on providing accurate information and honest answers to any question regarding Mini Pigs. Because we believe an educated owner, is a good owner, it is most important to us that we are always available to answer any questions regarding Mini Pigs. Pigs are truly amazing animals and can provide wonderful value by becoming a part of your family. For us this is a hobby not about profiting off of the sales of Mini Pigs, consequently we are about making sure a Mini Pig is a good fit for your family and making sure our piglets go to the best homes possible.

Is a Pet Mini Pig the Right Choice for Your Family?

We want people to know the joy of owning a Mini Pig. Let us show you why a little companion is right or not right for you and your family. We encourage you to call and ask questions, furthermore even visit our home and meet the pigs. Pigs are truly unique animals, consequently it is best as a pig owner that you understand their behavior and how to respond to them.

Pigs do not trust instinctually, because of this we spend the first 8 weeks of their lives doing our best to socialize, most of all try and get them to trust. Maintenance of that trust is important, therefore keeping this up when they go to their new forever homes is vitally important to their success. Do you live in a city or county that allows a Mini Pig as a pet? Or are they considered livestock and not allowed? The decision to get a Pet Mini Pig is a big one and should not be taken lightly. Purchasing a Mini Pig is a big commitment.